MatDT we connect you with global buyers through our large database holding update and latest information.

Cross Reference

Please enter the grade you need. We will provide similar grades to your inquiry

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We provide material comparison tables based upon meterial property.

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Production Process

We have professional engineers specializing in metal material development and technique to assist in recommendation of production technique for each inquiry.

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We recommend buyers ideal supplier whom is selected by MatDT’s serious audit system.

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Technical Engineer- more than 40-year experience

MatDT builds a synthetic service platform offering search service of metal material. It’s one of the most complete metal data bases in the world. We develop network for research associations, steel mills, campuses, material procurement, etc..

MatDT owns professional teams of specialists and engineers to solve production issues in many ways, such as the production setting from smelting, forge, rolling, heat-treatment, and refinish process.

Material Data

— easy access to search global metal grade

Mat DT

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